Manuel Garcia-Rulfo Wife: Is He Married?

Manuel Garcia-Rulfo Wife: Is He Married?

Rumors make a person’s life very interesting, especially if the rumors are about celebrities. Celebrities have to face different kinds of controversies during their lifetime in order to survive in this industry. Many actors cannot handle this pressure and commit suicide, so they start using drugs. However, some of the actors don’t care about them and live their lives away from the world of controversies, which is good for their health. Manuel Garcia-Rulfo is an actor who lives his life away from controversies privately. However, rumors regarding Manuel Garcia-Rulfo wife are spreading around the internet. People are speculating about his wife; below in this article will talk about Manuel Garcia-Rulfo and his wife.

Manuel Garcia-Rulfo

He is a very famous actor and currently working for Netflix on different web series. He was born and brought up in Mexico and lives his life as he desires. The actor was born in Guadalajara, Mexico, on 25th February 1981. He is currently 41 years old but still young at heart. The best thing about him is that he stays away from the controversial world of Hollywood.

Speculation about Manuel Garcia-Rulfo wife is spreading because he keeps his life private. He was never seen giving paparazzi any interviews or sharing his personal life on social media. In interviews, he likes to talk about his movies and work; his personal life has never been part of the discussion. So, people are eager to know about him, as it is human nature to know about mysteries.

Manuel Garcia-Rulfo’s life has been a mystery because he doesn’t like to share much about it, but we have some information. He was born on a Ranch in Mexico, so he learned horse riding from there. He is an expert rider and has all potential of a cowboy. Manuel began studying in his hometown and later went to Vermont to study the English language. He has a major in Communication from Universidad del Valle de Atemajac.

He was passionate about filming and filmmaking, so he went to New York to study Films. However, after completing his study, he went back to his home country to act in movies. He began his acting career in Mexico and soon became a big star who is not working in several Hollywood movies. The rumors of Manuel Garcia-Rulfo wife began spreading after his web series The Magnificent Seven.

Manuel Garcia-Rulfo Wife

There are several rumors about his marriage, and people connect him with different actresses. However, the truth is far different from what people have been thinking and making up their minds about. Manuel Garcia-Rulfo is currently in his forties, but he doesn’t worry about his marriage; however, his fans do. They connect his name with different actresses, which has become big news on the internet.

Some connect his name with actress Neve Campbell. The actors have been working together in the law drama The Lincoln Lawyer. It is an adaption of the movie The Lincoln Lawyer. The actors are both working together in this web series and look adorable together, so people began speculating about them. However, It cannot be true because she is already in a relationship with another man. She has been with JJ Field since 2011 after divorcing John Light in 2011.

Some consider Lee Min Jung as Manuel Garcia-Rulfo wife, and people think they are a real-life couple. Both actors were together for The Magnificent Seven, but they don’t date each other in real life. Lee Min is a South Korean actress and doesn’t have any relation with any Hollywood actor as of now. People speculate that they have been secretly married since 2015, but these are all rumors. No person has ever been able to produce any evidence to prove their relationship.

The reason behind these rumors is that Manuel Garcia-Rulfo keeps his life private. Some people even consider Adria Arjona as Manuel Garcia-Rulfo wife. They think they have been together since 6 Underground but don’t share details with Media. All of these speculations and news are lies because he is not in any relation. Manuel is currently just focusing on his career and nothing else.

Manuel Garcia-Rulfo Career

The first major breakthrough for his career came in the form of Bless Me, Ultima. It was his first mainstream Hollywood movie. The movie was a hit, and he became a relevant name in the industry after this movie. Later he became part of The Magnificent Seven remake. It was a western drama for Netflix, and his acting skills made everyone his fan. The speculations about Manuel Garcia-Rulfo wife started spreading after this show.

The role in The Magnificent Seven was tough for him, as he had to take gun training for the show. He grew up on a ranch and knew his way around a horse but to represent the culture of the west; he had to handle a gun. In an interview, he said, “I got blisters, but It was hilarious.” In 2017 he was able to land another major role in the industry when he became part of “Murder on the Orient Express” He was playing the role of Biniamino Marques.

The latest jewel to the crown of his career was The Lincoln Lawyer, a Netflix adaption. He plays the main character in this show, and this is where he meets Campbell. People have been making them a real-life couple, but this is far from the truth. Neve Campbell is already in a relationship. Manuel Garcia-Rulfo is currently focusing on his career because he wants to take his acting career to new heights. So, don’t believe any rumors regarding his personal life.

Final Words

Manuel Garcia-Rulfo is slowly making his way to the list of top actors in Hollywood. He has been part of some major projects in Hollywood. However, he doesn’t become part of the new because he keeps his life private. Fans want to know about him, but there is little information. Female fans especially wanted to know about his marital status, so rumors regarding Manuel Garcia-Rulfo wife began spreading. However, all news about his relationships is fake because he is single and not in any relationship.

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