Prison School Season 2 Release Update

Prison School Season 2 Release Update

Who doesn’t love good anime, we all do, and whenever we come to know about a quality anime, we all rush to watch it in all of its glory. However, there exists a problem with the anime, which sometimes makes the most die-hard fans hate them. Anime often doesn’t complete the story; several years pass, and you will not get any updates about your favorite anime’s next season. This is one of the worst qualities in anime. Prison school is a good example of it. Fans are waiting for Prison School Season 2, but there is no update on whether it is coming out or not.

Prison School Details

While everyone is waiting for Prison School Season 2, let’s rewind a little bit about the first season. The Prison School was an adaption of Japanese manga with the same name. Purizunn Sukuru was a Japanese manga series, and the series got very famous around the country. However, the real fame came after the release of the anime.

American audiences fell in love with this amazing anime. The story of the anime is full of fun and suspense. It builds up huge suspense to end it in a small manner. The comic timing of the character in this anime is so fun that you will fall in love with it. It has all the spices to make people fall in love with it, and this is the reason it got so hot in western areas.

However, there is a thing that will make you hate it once you are done watching the show. Prison School Season 2, for which everyone is waiting, isn’t coming out any soon. More updates about season 2 of the show will be available below in this article. So, read this piece till the end to know all about the next season of the anime.

Prison School manga has its run from 2011 to 2017; it’s been five years since the last manga of that series came out. The anime came out in 2015, and the story was left hanging. There is a huge story to cover for the anime, but only if they make the next seasons. Manga’s run was till 2017, which shows that there are a lot of stories left that directors can cover in their anime adaption. Fans are still hoping that something might turn up their way.

Prison School Plot

Prison school is a very famous sex comedy that revolves around a female school. The story talks about Hachimitsu Academy, which is a very popular school for girls in Tokyo. The school is the strictest school in the country, and now it is opening its gates to boys. The school is famous for its strictness, and now opening doors for boys was going to result in chaos.

Kiyoshi Fujino, the main prisoner of this school, gets admission to the school with four other boys. They were five boys in 1000 girls school, and whoever got this idea was a fool. The five boys in an all-girls school were always going to end with a disaster, and this is what happens in the school. The school is known as a prison school for a reason because a minor offense will result in jail time in school prison.

The boys in a girl’s school had to end up in prison, and that’s what happens in this manga. Boys peeked into the girl’s bathroom, which wasn’t a good idea. The School council finds out about them and punishes them in the school prison. The real story begins in prison, where they get some weird punishments for their crimes against the school. The punishments become very weird very soon, and this gives comic relief to the audience.

The anime is a mixture of comedy and suspense. The real comedy starts when they get in prison; before that, the story is a little serious. However, once they get into the prison, the real fun starts. You wouldn’t be able to stop yourself from laughing at some silly actions of the boys. The anime is a fun story, but the problem is the second part.

Prison School Season 2 Release Date

People are speculating that the second season is under production, but the question is if it’s true or not. Prison School anime season 1 came out in 2015, and it’s been seven years since the release of the first season. However, the actual fame this season got was in 2020 during COVID. So, people are speculating that producers might consider making a second part of the anime after its population around the world.

Prison School Season 2 will come out or not, and it is a very long discussion. Fans are always in hope that a day will come when they will see this story completed in front of their eyes in action. The whole story is available in the form of manga, but fans want to see its anime adaptation. Not everyone is a fan of the Manga series; some want the action version of the story.

Prison School Season 2 Website

The second season of the anime isn’t out yet, but you can watch the first season online. You can watch the anime on 4anime or Gogoanime. These two websites are the best website where you can watch Prison School for free. Just visit the website and watch the amazing anime for absolutely free. You won’t need any sign-up or credit card to watch movies or anime on these websites. They have the best collection of anime which you can also download to your devices.

Final Words

Prison School Season 2 is tied to a rock and thrown in the middle of the ocean. There aren’t any possibilities for the second season to come out. However, being a fan, one cannot lose hope. So, keep praying and hope that one day the second season of the show might come out. You will finally be able to learn what happens to students.

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