Don Lemon First Wife: Details

Don Lemon First Wife: Details

CNN is the biggest news channel in the history of this world. They are famous for broadcasting the best news programs in the history of this world. CNN has become the biggest company in the world, so much so that it can alter the course of countries’ politics. The people of anchor these programs also become big names. They are the faces of this channel and run it. They hire the best of the best, and Don Lemon is one of their best anchors. He is a very controversial person, but recently the topic of Don Lemon first wife became a hot commodity. This article will discuss Don Lemon and his wife.

Don Lemon Early Life

Don Lemon is one of the most famous media personalities. He is currently working for the biggest media channel in the history of this world. He has such an influence on people, especially the people of his own community. Don has been working for CNN since 2006 and is one of the biggest journalists in the world. He has also been part of NBC and other Media channels.

Don was born on the 1st of March 1966, and as of 2022, he is 56 years old. He was born to Katherine Marie and Wilmon Lee Richardson in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Wilmon didn’t know about his own father until the age of five; he grew up with the sir name of his stepfather and then the husband of his mother. Don is of African-American descent and is proud of his identity.

Don’s own father was a law attorney and has been part of some of the major cases in the history of the US. He was also the part of prominent attorney for the court case regarding the Segregation of Public transportation. They were able to successfully challenge the lawsuit. The pride he has for his people come from his father and mother.

He went to a public high school in Baker and became class president in his last year at school. His major was broadcast journalism while graduating from Brooklyn College. He graduated from the college in 1996. Don began his career by working for Fox affiliates for several years until he got his breakthrough. He came out as gay in one of his interviews, and ever since, discussions about Don Lemon first wife began spreading. The details about his first wife are available in this article.

Don Lemon First Wife

The discussion about Don Lemon first wife began spreading after his interview. He has been on CNN for a long time, and his colleagues knew about him. Don was open to his close colleagues and his friends about his identity, but in 2011 in an interview, he came up openly as gay. In their 2011 memoir, Transparent, he publicly said that he was gay and his close friends knew about it.

So, speculation began about his first wife; some people consider 40-year-old actress Stephanie Ortiz as his wife. However, no evidence is available about this rumor; no one has been able to come up with evidence. The couple has never been seen together or had any pictures together. They were not even in relation for any time.

Don Lemon is mostly open about his personal life to the media; he shares details about his life publicly. He also told people about a rape incident in his life. So, he is not the kind of person who hides stuff. Don is currently in a relationship, and more detail about it are below in this article. So, discussions about Don Lemon first wife are all just discussions.

Don Lemon Partner

He came out as gay publicly in 2011, so people were also speculating that he would indulge in a relationship now or announce his partner. However, he didn’t do it until 2017. He began a relationship with Tim Malone. Time Malone was born in April 1984. He works as a real estate agent in Water Mill, New York.

Tim has a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Boston College. He was working for NBC before converting his career and becoming a real estate agent. He was on the crew for The Today show on NBC Universal. Currently, he is working as a real estate agent in New York and earns a good living. The couple has been together since 2016 but made it official in 2017.

Don Lemon first wife rumors were at their peak after the announcement of their relationship in 2017. He is among the first black celebrities that have come out as gay. He also told people about an incident from his childhood. When he was five, a neighbor teenage boy molested him; however, he was never able to tell his parents. He told his mother the news when he was around thirty.

Don Lemon Career

Don began his career as a weekend news anchor for WBRC. This was just the beginning of his career. He then went to work for NBC New York. He was the anchor of the Weekend Today show. Don was the recipient of three Emmys for his local work. He became part of CNN in late 2006. He is a real journalist who has never been shy about speaking his heart.

Don is among the journalist who is the face of the company. He has also been vocal about the state and his own news channel. This is the reason why American audiences love his show. He has been a strong supporter of his community and always raises his voice for LGBTQ people ever since he came out gay. He is also the first person to criticize them if they go wrong.

Final Words

The discussion about Don Lemon first wife has been fruitless ever since he came out as gay. He was never into women, and his close friends knew it for years. So, connecting the name of Stephanie Ortiz with him doesn’t mean anything. The couple is never seen together and doesn’t have any pictures together. Dom is in relation to Tim Malone. The couple is often seen together at events and parties together.

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