Andrew Schulz Wife: Everything You Need To Know

Andrew Schulz Wife: Everything You Need To Know

Celebrities are people whose whole life is in front of people; they do everything for their fans. They are public figures, and their life is often not their own. However, some celebrities are able to keep their lives private. They keep their family and other details away from media channels. So, fans are more eager to know details about them. Andrew Schulz is a very private guy, he is a comedian, actor and producer, but he keeps his life private. Andrew Schulz wife, children, net worth and other details are not available publicly. So, people want to know about his wife and personal life. This article will help you find out about him.

Andrew Schulz

Andrew Cameron Schulz is an American comedian; people love him for his amazing comic timing. He has been part of shows like Guy Code and The Brilliant Idiots. Andrew was born in New York City on 30th October 1983. He was born to an immigrant family; his mother was a Scottish lady, while his father was of German descent.

Andrew’s father’s name is Larry Schulz, and he was a military veteran. Larry was also a reporter on a new channel and an inspiration for his son. Andrew’s mother was a ballroom dancer, and she was the owner of Sandra Cameron Dance Center. Andrew was born and brought up in New York and got his early education in the same city. His parents still live there whole; he is currently living in California.

Andrew has been in the industry for the last 22 years; he began his career as a comedian in the 2000s. Andre Schulz wife, Emma Turner, is his college mate, and they have been in a relationship for the last 12 years. The couple met in 2010, and they have been together ever since. More about them and their happy life below in this article. Andrew is happy with his wife and keeps his relationship private.

Andrew is also famous for his podcast Flagrant 2, the podcast is a comic show, and he invites different people to his show. He is an actor and comedian and has been part of some big films. He didn’t work as the main character; instead, he was the side role. In some movies, he appeared as himself. Andrew is a famous comedian, and his followers love him; he has special appearances in tons of comedy shows.

Andrew Schulz Wife

He has been in a relationship since 2010; he fell in love with his college fellow Emma Turner. The couple has been together ever since. Couple is happy because they have been away from controversies; they always stay away from the limelight. The couple doesn’t like to share their details with people.

They have been in a relationship for almost 12 years, and last year the couple got married. It was a very private marriage ceremony, and they had a very happy life. Emma Turner is a private lady and stays away from the limelight. She doesn’t have any social media handles or any other place where she interacts with people.

There is a big story behind their relationship, and we will discuss that below in this article. At his wedding, Andrew wore a beautiful white tuxedo, and Emma wore a beautiful dress. Their marriage made headlines around the world as people were expecting this news. However, the couple doesn’t have any children.

Andrew Schulz Wife: Early Life

Emma Turner belongs to a very good family. Emma was born on 14th February 1995. She was born to Quentin Turner and Kristin Turner. Quentin Turner is a professional race car driver; he was a very famous racer in America. The family is a popular family in America, and both were a match for each other. Kristin, the mother of Emma Turner, is also a Pilates Instructor and La Playa Pilates owner.

Andre Schulz Wife’s brother Derek is an Army ranger. He is in the army, fighting for the safety of his people and his country. He has been around the world with his family for the protection of his people. The other brother is a rugby player and plays for a New Zealand Team.

Emma Turner Education

Emma was born in New York; she was born on 14th February 1995. She is eight years younger than him, but both of them are happy. Emma has a degree in Fashion and Fiction. Emma pursued her career in fashion and styled her husband as well. However, she doesn’t like to come into the limelight because she wants to keep her life private. So, apart from this, there is not much detail available about her.


As we said earlier, the couple doesn’t have any children. They have been in a relationship for a long time, but they don’t have any children. The lack of offspring was not able to stop them from having fun. They are a happy couple and live their life to the fullest. So, they don’t care if they lack anything; they enjoy their life together like a couple.

Proposal Story

Andrew Schulz Wife has been with him for a long time; however, on his podcast, he was talking about his proposal. He told people that when he first went to propose to his wife, he forgot what to say to her. The words that came out of his mouth were some gibberish, but she still said yes. He said that it was the luckiest moment of his life when she said yes to his proposal. They have never been together, and they are living a very happy life.

Final Words

Andrew Schulz is a very popular comedian, and people love his comic timing. He is also a producer now and hosts an amazing podcast. He often invites celebrities to his podcast and interviews them. You can search for his podcast and listen to it. Andrew Schulz wife, Emma Turner, is a private lady and doesn’t like to come on media. She has a degree in fashion and often designs his husbands’ clothes. She is an understanding woman who made Andrew’s life way easier.

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