Barbora Skrlova: A Real Horror Story

Barbora Skrlova: A Real Horror Story

The world is a strange place; we all think that we know about this world and the kind of people that live in this world. However, the truth is that we do not know anything about this world. It is a chameleon that has ever-changing color. The world is full of people with a sick minds who will never stop doing anything. Sometimes these real stories look like fiction, but they are real, as real as the blazing sun. Stories of murderers and child abusers, but this story is about an adult child Barbora Skrlova. She was a sick woman who was part of a horrifying crime; we will learn more about her in this article.

Who Was Barbora Skrlova?

The women were a psychopath, and if you don’t know about her, you will in this article. She was born with the condition that made her look like a 12-year-old boy. The story starts with a woman Klara Mauerova, who was born in 1975 in the Czech Republic. She was not a normal child and had some serious mental problems since early childhood.

However, the problems of her childhood left her as she grew up. She became a normal girl till college and found a love interest in college. The couple was deeply in love and were together even after college. They found love in each other and had two children. The marriage fell apart after she saw the abusive side of her husband. To protect herself and her kids, she separated from her husband. She was an exemplary mother who was working and taking care of her children.

Klara was an exemplary mother for some time, but later, the monsters of her past came to hunt her. She told her sister to come live with her as she was feeling lonely. Both sisters were together raising the kids, and everything was going well. Klara often has a problem; she is delusional that she is the incarnation of John of Arc.

So, she had to go to the hospital for her mental problem. This is where she met Barbora Skrlova, the psychopath. Barbora met her and convinced her that she was a small girl and that she should adopt her. After the hospital, she took her home, and there Barbora began plotting. She was a very evil lady and what she did was horrifying.

What Did Barbora Skrlova Do?

She was a sick woman who had only one thing on her mind, and it was violence. Barbora came to Klara’s house with her sister. She has a very sharp tongue, so she begins winning their love. After taking them under control, she went after Klara’s children. Klara’s sister was a case of a split personality; one of her personalities was full of hate for Klara’s children.

Barbora Skrlova began asking them to torture children; she told them to put them inside a cage. They sat in the cage in the basement, and children were put in the cage. She told their mother and aunt to torture them. A baby cam was her way of keeping an eye on the children; little did she know it would become a problem for her.

Klara’s neighbor had a baby, and they bought the same camera settings. However, one day the signal got a mix, and the neighbor lady came to know about the horrors from the next door. She told the police what was happening, and they came and took the two women away, but there were three women in the house at that time.

Before the police’s arrival, Barbora Skrlova told Klara to bring her children’s flesh. She told her to cut their flesh and eat it in front of them. Before any of that could ever happen, police came and took them away. Police found a girl outside the cage, hugging a bear and crying, while two children were inside. After investigation, they came to know about Barbora, but I was too late. She was gone, and no one knew where.

Barbora Skrlova Arrest

She ran away from there and became a boy; she was living in Norway, where a couple took her to their home. She was a completely new person now; a 35 years old woman was living the life of a 12-year-old boy. One day a police officer came to her house in Norway and took her away. The parents of the boy came to know that she is a woman who is actually a psychopath.

She was put on trial and got jail time of 5 years; the other people, in this case, got 14 years serving time. After her time in jail, she is missing; the police don’t know where she is. She can be living anywhere pretending to be anyone. So, beware, Barbora can be anywhere lurking around in the shadow, waiting for her move.

Orphan Movies

The orphan movie is the real story of Barbora Skrlova, the psychopath killer who was sadist enough to torture children. The orphan movie is a true horror movie, and no one is able to believe that it is a true story. With a sane min, can anyone believe the story above? A sane person will never believe it to be true, but it is.

The orphan movie came out in 2009, and people came to know about this evil character. The film shows the true events and how she was able to influence both sisters to torture their children. However, if you have a soft heart and cannot watch a violent scene, then avoid the movie. It has some very disturbing horror scenes which might affect your health.

Final Words

Barbora Skrlova is the personification of true evil; people wonder how a person can be so evil. Shouting at children often feels like a crime, but she was ready to eat their flesh. The world has become weird, and when we think we have seen the last of its people come out with the new thing. Barbora was a psychopath and a chameleon who is still out there. No one knows where she is, what she is doing if she is alive or not. However, if she is alive, she might be looking for prey.

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