Valentine Michael Manson: Everything You Need To Know

Valentine Michael Manson: Everything You Need To Know

Charles Manson, a musician, an influencer and a murderer. He leads his group to kill seven people, including the famous actress of the 60s, Sharon Tate. Charles Manson was a musician, but later, he made his own cult; he used to call them family. The cult became famous with the name Manson Family. Apart from this family, he also had a real family. He had three sons, and Valentine Michael Manson is among those three sons. This article will talk about Valentine Manson. The article will discuss his life and where he is right now. So, if you want to know about him, read till the end.

Valentine Michael Manson’s Early Life

Charles Manson has three sons; however, Valentine Michael Manson is the last alive son of the infamous killer. Valentine was born a year before the famous murders of his father. He was born on the 15th of April, 1968. Valentine is currently 54 years old and doesn’t like to use his father’s name. He has changed his name to Michael Burner. The reason behind the change of name is that he doesn’t want any relations with his father. He was the son of famous killer Charles Manson, and his mother was Mary Burner who was also part of the killings. He was born in California and grew up with his mother.

After the birth of Valentine Michael Manson in 1968, Charles began committing a series of murders with his cult. These murders led to his arrest, and after his arrest, the family of Mary took custody of his son. Mary Burner was Charles’s follower, so she was also taken to prison and spent a good time of her life there. Charles grew up in the care of his maternal grandparents. Evelyn Brunner and John Brunner took care of their grandson after the arrest of their daughter and their son in Law.

Charles Manson

He is the most famous killer in the history of the United States of America. He was a musician but never got famous for his talent; instead, he became famous for his crimes. Charles Manson made a cult in 1968; he had around 20 followers in his cult who were ready to do anything for him. Mary burner, the mother of Valentine Michael Manson, was the first member of his cult. She was a librarian and a candidate for P.HD but came under the influence of Charles Manson.

He gave his cult status to his family and began calling them Manson Family. Charles would use drugs to keep the members of his family under his control. He was using LSD to keep the Manson Family under his command. Charles was a white supremacist and told his followers that a war between black and white people was going to start. He told them that black people would kill white people, so if they wanted to survive, you would have to follow my lead. So, this was just the beginning of his negative intentions; he would call that war “Helter Skelter“, a term from the famous song of Beatles.

The series of murders began in early August of 1969; they began killing people in California. However, the Manson Family became famous after the murder of Sharon Tate. She was in her home with some other people; it was a small party in her house. The Manson family was also responsible for an assassination attempt on Gerald Ford, the President of the United States. Police caught the Manson family, and they were put on trial. Charles Manson was convicted of first-degree murder. Apart from this, there were several other allegations against him.

Valentine Michael Manson’s Family

Charles Manson and Mary Burner are his parents, who are a convict in the Sharon Tate murder. They were part of a series of murders from August 1969, serving their sentence in prison for a long time. Valentine has a total of two brothers, but they are not blood relatives. They are his half-brothers, from two wives of his father. Charles’s First wife was Rosalie Jean Wills, and his second wife was Candy Stevens. Charles Manson Jr was born to his first wife; he didn’t want to have any relationship with his father. In 1993 he even changed his name to Jay White.

The second son of Charles Manson was Charles Luther Manson. He gave both of his sons the same first names. Luther doesn’t want to get in the public’s eye and keeps his life private. He keeps his life private and doesn’t want to get into the limelight. Valentine is the only son of Charles, who has given some interviews to the media.

Valentine Michael Manson’s Job

Like all of his brothers, he tries to keep his life private; after what his father did, he always tries to stay away from the media. Valentine, in an interview, told the media that he was training to join forces and would serve the country. He has been in the Army for a long time. Some reports suggest that he is currently working in his own business. He is living in Germany, so he is running his business from there. He has given a single interview in his life, which was in 1993 to the Los Angeles Times. Valentine doesn’t want to have any relationship with his father, so he hasn’t taken any money from his will at all. He is a private person, so not much information is available about his business type.

Net Worth

Valentine Michael Manson is a private person, and as we said earlier, the internet doesn’t have much information about him. However, reports suggest that he is working well and has a net worth of 100,000 dollars.


Charles Manson did a very shameful act in 1969 by killing seven people without any reason. He was in jail, but the life of his children became hell. They were not able to live a normal life afterwards. Charles Manon’s sons live a very private life; they don’t come on social media because they don’t want people to know about the; Valentine Michael Manson is the only son who ever gave an interview about his father and currently lives in Germany.

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