Ice Staff Code: How To Solve It

Ice Staff Code: How To Solve It

Call of Duty is an amazing game, PUBG came later and took over the ground, but COD is the OG game. Call of Duty uses the unity engine and is one of the most amazing games in the world. It provides you the real military experience. Unlike PUBG, which focuses on the dresses and guns, COD focuses on the gaming experience and how players perform. Call of Duty Zombies is a mode of this game where Ice Staff Code helps you through. It is an amazing part of this game, so we will talk about it in this article. Read till the end to learn all about it.

Call Of Duty

Call of duty is one of the oldest gaming franchises; the first video game came out in 2003. The games focus on the Cold War events, where military teams have to fight each other to win. It is a first-person shooting video game that provides you with a real-life battle experience. All the guns and their damage is real, so you get the idea about a battlefield and how things go in it. COD is a game that can run on almost all gaming platforms. From PlayStation to Xbox, PC to Mobile phone, the game works on all platforms, making it the best game in the world.

There has been a total of 19 games in this franchise; they launch a new game every year to provide users with new experiences. COD online is a real-time game where you fight with other people around the world. You become part of a team and go around the world on missions. The game’s main objective is survival; use anything you can to save yourself and survive to the end.

Like the competition between PUBG, Fortnite, and COD, the game is also the survival of the fittest. COD provides you with some amazing background and real-life experience. There are also several modes to the game, like Call of Duty Zombies. It is a mode in the call of duty where you have to fight a zombie apocalypse. Ice Staff Code is a very important puzzle in the game, which you can use to move forward and win. However, solving this code is pretty difficult for people who haven’t read this article. This article will help me learn the method to solve the Ice Staff Code.

Ice Staff Code And Zombie Mode

The Zombie mode of the COD is very interesting; as a soldier, you must fight a Zombie apocalypse and save the world. The Ice Staff Code is a very important part of this mode; you must use the Ice Staff to win the game. However, to upgrade the weapon, the player needs to solve a code and upgrade the weapon. Solving this puzzle is very easy, but as the symbols and dots are complex, so it sometimes becomes difficult for the players. However, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide to solve the code.

So, first, if you want to end this game, you will need the ice staff. Get your hands on the Ice Staff and bring it back to the Crazy Place. So, here you will have to solve the Ice Staff Code to upgrade the staff. However, the code is a very complex one, but with our help, you can solve it easily. Arrive at the area where you will find a floating rock above your head. The rocks will have several symbols on them; at the same place, you will find a pillar with several dots on it.

So, the players would have to match the dots with the pillar and shoot the symbols with the Ice Staff. However, you will have to do it in the correct order, or the puzzle will not be solved. The code changes in every game, so you need to be careful and do the proper attention. In order to find the correct sequence, you will need to read the dots because the symbols and the dots must be in the same sequence. See the below picture to find the meaning of each dot and which symbol to shoot in the game to solve the Ice Staff Code.

What To Do After Solving Ice Staff Code?

To upgrade Ice Staff you will need to find the first tombstone beside the soul’s chest, which is behind the Juggernog. In the giant’s footprint, you will find the second tombstone. The footstep is behind the Juggernog. The last one is near the tank station, so you will have to find a broken robot near the tank station. The third tombstone will be beside the broken robot. You will have to find them and shoot them with a gun or any other weapon but do not use Ice Staff.

So, to upgrade Ice Staff, you will then have to go to the mound. Underground, use the handle around the stairs and rotate the giant rings. You will easily rotate the rings on the amplification device. Line the rings up, so they have the same color as the Ice Staff. After solving the Ice Staff Code, it is important to follow these steps and upgrade the Ice Staff. So, once all the rings are in a line, look inside, and you will find a blue one, shoot that floating ball using the staff.

After you are done shooting the blue ball, head back to th Crazy Place. Find the Ice Staff holder and put it inside its holder. Now to upgrade it to the fullest, you will have to kill some zombies. Head out and kill some zombies to upgrade the staff. You will have to kill 25 zombies to charge the staff. The staff won’t charge fully if you don’t kill 25 zombies.

Now the staff is fully charged, the Ice Staff is fully upgraded, and now you can use it to move ahead in the game. Solving Ice Staff Code is the first step to winning this game.

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