Miles Dabord: Link To His Brother’s Death

Miles Dabord: Link To His Brother’s Death

Miles Dabord became famous after the death of his brother; he is the brother of famous Basketball player Bison Dele. He is among the suspects whose name came up in the death of his Bison Dele. However, he is still out of conviction, so we will learn more about Miles in this article. Bison was a very famous basketball player, and he died at the peak of his career. He was in his early thirties when the angle of death took him. So, this article is all about Bison Dele and his brother. We will also find out about Miles’s link to his brother’s death. Read till the end to learn all about it.

Miles Dabord

Miles is the older brother of Bison Dele; both never had any good relationship with each other. He was also a good basketball player, but later, he wasn’t able to achieve his dream. Miles Dabord was born to Patricia Philips and Eugene Williams; his birth name was Kevin Williams. Details about the life of Miles Dabord are not available because he is a very private person. However, his name came to headlines after the disappearance of his brother, and his name was among the suspects. Miles’s name was brought up several times, but he was never convicted in the case.

Bison Dele

Bison was born on the 6th of April 1969; he was born as Brian Carson Williams in Fresno, California. He went to Saint Monica Catholic the high school. He went to college in Maryland and Arizona. Bison began his career with Orlando Magic in 1991, and for the first three years, he was part of Orlando Magic. However, in 1993 he became part of the Denver Nuggets. He was also part of the Los Angeles Clippers and Chicago bulls. In 1997, the same year he became NBA Champion, he became part of the Detroit Pistons.

At the age of 30, he took retirement from the game. It was a surprise for his fans. Dele was the top player for his team; he was the highest-paid player in Detroit Pistons. Just three years after his retirement, he went missing and is still not found.

Differences Between Miles Dabord and Bison Dele

Miles Dabord was a very good basketball player; some consider that he was better than his brother. However, Asthma became a big hurdle in his life which took away his dream. After his diagnosis of Asthma, he stopped playing basketball, and his career was at a full stop after this. However, Bison became a big name in basketball. Bison is among the top basketball player ever; he got so high in his career that some have been to that place. The success of his brother made him jealous, so the siblings became enemies to each other.

Initially, the brothers weren’t against each other’s throats, but when Bison became an NBA player, things became worse. Brothers would often fight with each other over small things, and these small fights led to that big step. However, whether Miles Dabord did it or not, police have yet to prove it but can they? He was with his girlfriend Karlan and his brother. No reports regarding the whereabouts of the couple came out.

Miles Dabord’s Fight With Brother

Bison and his brother were biggest enemies of each other in 2002 when Bison was in New Zealand. Miles also went to the country to meet his brother. Miles Dabord and Bison Dele argued a lot when they met, and all that time they were in New Zealand, they didn’t get along. Siblings kept fighting, and before it got physical, Miles left. Karlan, Bison’s girlfriend, told this in an interview that the sibling kept fighting the time they were in Auckland. However, things got normal after Miles left. These were the same years when Bison went missing, and Miles became a suspect in this case.

In May of the same year Miles Dabord, along with Saldo and Mark Benson, went to Tahiti. The Trio sailed to Tahiti on a Yacht; in Tahiti, Dele and his girlfriend also got along, and they set sail to the Pacific Ocean. However, the brother’s kept fighting the whole trip because the brothers didn’t see each other eye to eye. Mark Benson left them after the fight among the brothers was unbearable. So, after Mark Benson, only 4 people were on board. They were going to the Pacific Ocean.

Bison Dele’s Disappearance

It was July when they went on their trip to the Pacific Ocean; on the 8th of July, the final phone call came from that Yacht. Karlan told Porter that she was ok and they were enjoying their time in the ocean. She also told that thing between both was good now. So, after that, call the Yacht, and all people on it went off the radar. There was no information about Dele and his girlfriend, Karlan. On September 2002, 2 months after the last call Karlan Miles Dabord was caught in Phoenix. Miles was trying to purchase gold in the name of his brother, and he was trying to forge his signature to buy gold worth 0.15 million dollars.

Bank knew about the disappearance of Bison. So, when miles tried forging his signature he was caught by police. Police found Dele’s passport and other items with miles. However, he claimed that he was purchasing gold on behalf of his brother. Police let him go because Dele was not present there to give his statement. Phoenix police also found after investigation that some witnesses saw a person matching Dele’s description in the same hotel.

Police also found a Yacht on the Bay in a bad condition. Police found that a person matching Dele’s description brought that Yacht to the Bay. However, further investigation revealed that Dabord was involved in the disappearance. Police began a search to arrest Miles Dabord in case of fraud and theft of identification.

Miles Dabord’s Death

He ran into Mexico; however he was found in a coma on a beach; he was taken to a hospital in Chula Vista, California. He went into a coma due to an Insulin overdose. Later that month, he was in a coma and his hope of survival was very little. His mother told doctors to take him off of medical support. So, now we will never know what actually happened.

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