Akiko Matsuura Everything You Need To Know About Her

Akiko Matsuura Everything You Need To Know About Her

Akiko Matsuura is a famous Japanese performer, and she is a drummer, vocalist, and guitarist. If you know the name of the band The Big Pink, then you might also know her. She was the drummer for The Big Pink. Akiko had a very rough childhood; however, music became her only comfort, and currently, she is among the big performers in the world. She has been part of many bands and works hard to make a name for herself. This article will provide you with all information about Akiko and her life. The article will provide you with all information about her lifestyle and music career.

Akiko Matsuura’s Early Life

Akiko Matsuura‘s looks might fool you; you might think of her as a young girl in her 20s, but you will be wrong. She is currently 42 years old and has a son who is eight years old. She was born on 2nd November 1980. Akiko was born in Osaka, Japan; however, she currently lives in the United Kingdom. She was born in Japan and got her early education there. She had a very lonely childhood as her parents ran a restaurant, and the couple was always busy. The restaurant business, especially in Japan, is very time-consuming, so her parents didn’t give her much time.

Akiko was often home alone, although she had an older brother who was seven years older than her. However, he would also stay out with his friend leaving her alone at home. It was that time period when she fell in love with music. She made music, the partner of her loneliness, and through music, she got comfort. Akiko Matsuura’s childhood was very difficult, but she found her new path through the music. Instead of focusing on people, she started focusing on her music.

Akiko Matsuura’s Love For Music

Akiko’s parents were not able to give her enough time in her childhood, but they were supportive of her decisions. She was very young when she first saw the dream of becoming a drummer; she was just six years old when she thought of becoming a drummer. It was her loneliness and a TV series that made her fall in love with drums. The TV series was about a female drummer in a band of boys, and the show was very inspiring for young girls. The show made her passionate about drums, and she wanted to become one.

However, 6 was a very young age, so she began learning piano first. Drums were her second instrument; she began taking drums lessons at the age of 10. She was passionate about music, but her first job was in her parent’s restaurant. She began working in the restaurant at the age of 12, and soon, she was an expert in managing and cooking. Akiko was able to cook all types of food available at their restaurant. She was a great help at the restaurant, but her parents didn’t stop her from chasing her dreams.

Akiko Matsuura’s parents sent her off to England to study arts. She was just 18 years old when her parents sent her to England to learn music. It was her passion to become a drummer, so she began learning music at a University in England. Akiko’s parents were very supportive of her decisions, so she began achieving her dreams.

Akiko Matsuura’s Career

She began her career in underground music and became part of several bands throughout her career. Akiko Matsuura was part of more than one band throughout her career. She gave herself a new stage name, “Keeks.” Akiko performs as keeks on stage and has a huge fanbase. She became part of Comanechi, a punk rock band. It was an underground band initially bit became a worldwide sensation in the late 2000s. Keeks was initially a drummer, but she became a vocalist later. She performed as a vocalist for the band around the world. She was also a vocalist for a band called PRE, which was a London-based band.

Akiko Matsuura is known for her stage presence and bold style. She would often appear on stage in just her underwear. Akiko was also part of the No-Wave band; she was both a drummer and vocalist for the band. She became part of The Big Pink.

The Big Pink became famous in 2022 with their song “NO Angels.” The band first came under notice in 2007 with their famous song Dominos. However, they were not heard from after 2014, when Milo Cordell and an important band member left. However, their new song, “No Angles,” became an instant hit among rock fans. People love the lyrics and the music of the song.

Akiko Matsuura’s Relationship With Parents

Akiko Matsuura had a very lonely childhood; however, her parents were very supportive of her. They were always busy working to provide for their children because of the love they had for them. So, when she began her music career, he parents were very happy for her. In one incident, when she was performing in Osaka in 2009. Akiko’s mother saw her performance and began crying. She was very proud of her daughter and the long way she had come. Akiko’s parents were proud of her until they saw some photos of her online.

She was at a bar where a professional S&M bondage artist was performing. She asked him to tie her and her friends up, and she took photos and posted them online. Akiko’s mother saw those pictures and was badly hurt. She told in an interview that she had dishonored her.

Akiko Matsuura’s Child

Akiko Matsuura is a single mother, her son Archie was born in 2014. She was in a long relationship with her then-boyfriend, Charlie Heaton. Charlie Heaton is a famous Hollywood actor. He is famous for his role as Jonathan Byer in the Netflix series Stranger Things. The young Archie is currently eight years old. Details about Archies are unknown because Akiko wants her son’s life to be private. Akiko and Charlie fell in love while playing for the band Comanechi. The couple was madly in love, but later, he left her. Currently, he is in a relationship with his co-star Natalia Dyer.

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