Mickey Mouse Cake Ideas

Mickey Mouse Cake Ideas

Children are unpredictable, but one thing you can predict about kids is that they love surprises. Kids love it when you gift them something, especially on their birthday. Birthday preparation is very difficult; planning decorations for the cake. Everything needs to be perfect in order to make the birthday look special. One has to keep the likeness of the kids in mind because kids have their own world of imagination. Some love animals, while others love cartoon characters. Mickey mouse is one of the best cartoon \characters. Below you will find several Mickey Mouse cake ideas, so if your kid likes Mickey Mouse, he will love it.

What is Mickey Mouse?

Walt Disney is the world’s most popular cartoonist, everyone who watches cartoon know about him. Walt Disney is the creator of Mickey Mouse, a cartoon character who is popular among kids and adults alike. Mickey Mouse was first made in 1928, and after his first appearance in Steamboat Willie, the character became a household name. A total of 6 people have given voice to this amazing cartoon character; Walt Disney was the first guy to give a voice to this character from 1928 to 1962. After him, there were many voice actors who gave their voices to Mickey Mouse.

Mickey Mouse cake is a famous birthday ritual for young ones. After the introduction of the character in 1928, the cake with Mickey Mouse’s face also became famous. Mickey Mouse is a very loving character and has a unique voice. There have been very few cartoon characters that have a following, like Mickey Mouse. It is like the brand ambassador of Disney because it is one of the first creations of Walt Disney. Mickey Mouse in Disney Universe is not alone; he has got a whole family in this Universe.

Mickey Mouse has a very cute wife, Minnie Mouse and who doesn’t know about his adorable dog Pluto. The cartoon character also has other family members and friends. Most of the animated series in which he appears to revolve around him. You can consider him “The Rock” of the animated Universe. The cartoon character got his colors for the first time in 1935; it was the time of cartoon animations. The Band Concert was the first time when Mickey Mouse was seen in color. Ever since that day, he has been getting better and better every year.

Mickey Mouse cake Ideas

Mickey Mouse is one of the most famous characters of the Disneyverse. He is among the first cartoon characters made by Disney. The fame Mickey Mouse gets is something this character deserves. It has been entertaining for several generations, and some of its fans are not even alive anymore. Mickey Mouse is almost as old as the queen of England. So, therefore when It comes to birthdays, kids want the Mickey Mouse cake. However, it is very difficult to make the cake up to the kid’s expectations. So, the following are some cake ideas along with birthday decorations that you can use for kids’ birthdays:

Vanilla Mickey Mouse Cake

Vanilla Mickey Mouse Cake tastes as yummy as anything. The idea for this cake was to add the face of mickey mouse on the top of the cake. Add dark chocolate to the vanilla cake to make the ears and other black parts of the face. You can search for mickey mouse pictures online to draw the face yourself. However, if you order them, you can explain this to the baker. Tell the bakers to make a vanilla cake and add chocolate to make the Mickey Mouse. It will just have the face of mickey mouse on a round cake.

Mickey Mouse Cake In Face Shape

This cake is sometimes very difficult to make; you will have to prepare a cake in the shape of a Mickey Mouses face. For this cake, you can get a special Mickey Mouse mold and bake the cake in that shape. You can also bake a normal cake and then cut it into the shape of Mickey Mouse. This face shape cake will blow your kids’ minds out. They will surely be going to love it. This type of cake might not be available in all Bakeries; you will have to specifically ask them about this shape of the cake. If you don’t tell them about the shape, they will bake a round cake and make a face with the help of cream.

Mousse Cake

Mousse cake is the best kind of cake, and you can get a Mickey Mouse Mousse cake from a bakery. Making a mousse cake at home isn’t easy, so if you want the birthday to be perfect, order a mousse cake. Making a Mousse cake at home can be messy, especially when you are going for a specific shape. So, visit a bakery nearby and tell them to provide you with a Mickey Mouse Mousse cake. The kids at the birthday Part will love it.

Full Body Mickey Mouse Cake

You can make the cake in the shape of mickey if you are ordering more than 5 pounds of cake. You can order a cake in the shape of a Mickey Mouse. It won’t be just his face but the whole body of the mouse, so if you want to make your kid’s birthday extra special, order this jumbo Mickey Mouse cake. You can also prepare the cake at home, but for that, you will need a mold. Bake the cake in molds and then decorate it with cream. You can also add text to the cake to make it extra special.


Mickey Mouse is love; once you see that character, you go back into your own childhood. Mickey Mouse cake can be a treat for your child. Several ideas are available for a cake in the shape of Mickey Mouse. A theme birthday party without a theme cake is not fun. So, you can get ideas from the internet and bake a cake of your own. You can also order a cake from any bakery. Online bakeries are also available where you can place an order for Mickey Mouse cake.

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