Baking Soda To Kill Bed Bugs: Right Or Wrong

Baking Soda To Kill Bed Bugs: Right Or Wrong

Can we use baking soda to kill bed bugs? If you are asking this question, then the problem is obvious you have bed bugs. Bed bugs are the most notorious creature; they feed on the blood of people and can cause lots of diseases. Bed bugs are a big problem, and people often use home remedies to get rid of them. However, most of these remedies don’t even work. Art and Craft channels on YouTube spread this nonsense, and people believe what they hear. So, this article will tell you what is right and will not going to help. So, read till the end to learn all about it.

Can We Use Baking Soda To Kill Bed Bugs?

If you want a simple answer, then it is not; we cannot kill bed bugs with baking soda. If you search this question online, you will find hundreds of methods to kill bugs with baking soda. However, it’s all a lie; you cannot do it at all. Mostly these remedies are found on YouTube, and if you search on YouTube, then you will find hundreds of videos regarding these remedies. As we said earlier, all these remedies do not work.

So, first of all, it’s baking soda and not a poison that will kill bugs. So, if someone is telling you that you can kill bed bugs, then they are totally wrong. The soda works when its dissolves in water. Once you add water to baking soda, it can break down anything. However, dry baking soda doesn’t have any impact on the bed bugs. So, the answer to the question, “can we use baking soda to kill bed bugs?” is no. We cannot kill bed bugs with soda. If you are trying this remedy, then you are just wasting money.

People eat baking soda, so it is not a harmful thing. Apart from that, the bed bugs won’t start eating baking soda if you pour it on the bed. It will just make your bed dirtier, and that’s all. Other than that, it will not going to have any effects on the bed bugs. You can find several medicines that can get rid of this problem for you. So you won’t have to ask questions like can we use baking soda to kill bed bugs? So, ask experts and use the best medicine.

Why Can’t We Use Baking Soda To Kill Bed Bugs?

Because it is not possible, those are bed bugs you are talking about, and baking soda cannot kill them. Baking soda has acidic properties, and people this it is enough to kill bed bugs. If you mix it with water and then apply it to your bed, then it might have some effect. However, if you think that dry soda will do the trick, then you are wrong about it. Utilizing soda to kill bed bugs is the dumbest idea ever, and then there are several reasons behind it.

So, first of all, you are talking about bed bugs and not ants. Bed bugs are very small, and they only drink blood. They will drink the blood of humans but don’t have a mouth and appetite to eat a grain of baking soda. People who share this remedy think that bed bugs will eat the baking soda, and after eating it, they will die. The acidic properties of the soda will kill the bugs by destroying their internal organs. However, this is not true. The bed bugs cant eat baking soda, and even if they do, the baking soda won’t kill them from the inside.

Some YouTubers claim that baking soda dries up the space, and that’s the method that kills the bed bugs. So, if we keep it in mind, how much baking soda would we have to use to get rid of the bed bugs? Bed bugs are a serious problem, and this is why people want instant solutions. The bugs bite you in sleep, and a person cannot sleep on a bed infested with bed bugs. So, if you have a problem like this, then you must take help from some professional, or the problem might increase.

What Are Bed Bugs?

These are tiny insects that are smaller than a millimeter. These bugs are very dangerous and can cause several types of diseases in humans. These insects are found in animals and can enter your house through animals. So, it is important to keep your house and pet clean. When people face this problem, they must find quick solutions. So, they found solutions like baking soda. Suppose you search for how to kill bed bugs on the internet. You will find tons of articles claiming that baking soda can kill bed bugs. You will find an article like “Use soda to kill bed bugs.”

As we said earlier, baking soda won’t do the trick because it doesn’t have any properties that might kill bugs. The bed bugs are small and hide in the small openings of the mattress, hence the name bed bugs. Bed bugs bite humans when they are hungry because they only drink blood. Call them vampires of the insect world. Bed bugs grow very quickly by drinking human blood. So, if you don’t want to lose blood and don’t want any kind of disease, then you must find a solution quickly. Bed bugs can cause some very serious diseases.


So, if you have a problem with bed bugs in your house and were thinking can we use baking soda to kill bed bugs? The answer is a simple no, and you cannot kill bed bugs with baking soda. For that, you will need proper pesticides or might need to call a professional. If you care about yourself and your family, then call professionals if you find this problem in your house. Bed bugs are not a big concern. They can get to your bedroom through any means, but it is important to be cautious. It often comes from animals, so take care of your pet animals and always bath them on time.

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