Your IP Has Been Temporarily Blocked: Solutions

Your IP Has Been Temporarily Blocked: Solutions

The Internet is a fun place to hang out; like our website, tons of other websites provide you with engaging content. People love spending time on the Internet, learning new information. However, it is possible that sometimes you cannot access your favorite website. So, in such cases, you see a message on your screen your IP has been temporarily blocked. People get furious when they see such messages because they cannot access the information they want. There are several reasons why such problems happen. This article briefs you about the reasons for blocking and how you can solve this problem.

Your IP Has Been Temporarily Blocked: Reasons

There isn’t one reason for restriction from a website. Sometimes it happens due to some misunderstanding. So, often it happens that websites block the IP of computers that they suspect to be spam. Some computers that might not be suspicious also get into the list and lose access to the website. The mistake could be a typing mistake, but it ends up being a big problem for the person on the other end. So, this could be a very unlucky feeling if this ever happens.

Sometimes people visit a website too often, and therefore the website considers them spam and bans their IP. So, if you see this message, your IP has been temporarily blocked. This means you are ban from accessing the website; you can contact the website and get your access back. Below you will find the solution for the time when you get into such a problem. However, it happens seldom that a person loses his access to a website. If you violate a website’s terms and conditions, you could lose access to that site. So there are several possibilities.

Often countries ban websites; this could also be a reason why you cannot access such websites. Your IP has been temporarily blocked; this message could appear when the country has banned the website. However, when finding a solution, it is essential that you first find the reason why you cannot access the site. Below you will find all the solutions to this problem and much more. So, read till the end to resolve this problem by yourself.

Your IP Has Been Temporarily Blocked: Solutions

If you are ban from accessing a website, we can help you get that access back. You could quickly get your access back by following the methods from our article. So, buckle up and read till the end to get your favorite content back:

Time Heals Everything

It works for everything; time does heal everything. If you see this message, your IP has been temporarily blocked. Wait for some time before accessing the website; you will see it again. It often happens due to some error in the servers. Some websites often block access for a day or so, and you can get your access back after that time. It is important to see why you lost your access in the first place. Inquire about it and then try not to repeat that again in the future. If you keep repeating the mistake, you could lose access forever.

Acquire Webmaster’s Help

You often see that your IP has been temporarily blocked on a website, and you cannot find the reason. If you lose access to a website and are not able to find the reason why it happened, then you could contact the webmaster to solve your problem. The webmaster will be able to help you solve your problem and get your access to the website back. They know the actual reason for the restriction and could provide you with the information. They could also provide you with a solution. Ask them to help if you are not getting your access back even after waiting for some time.

Spam Blacklists

Often the websites purchase blacklist information from the Internet. Blacklists have information about spammers, and these lists help websites with their security. However, often it happens that some Ips fall into this list. Your IP could also land in this list by any means, so if you are not able to access websites, check if you are in any of these lists or not. Several websites on the Internet allow you to check your IP address if it is on any blacklist. The website will inform you if your IP is on any blacklist.

Update Your Software

You might lose your access to some websites if your internet browser or the window is not up to date. If you don’t update your software, then you might lose access to some websites. Therefore, it is essential for users to regularly update their software. A security vulnerability might be the reason behind your ban. So, you should avoid such problems by regularly updating the software. Update the internet browser and other software, wait for a day or so and try accessing the website again.


Malware attacks could be a problem; hackers could access your computer and use it for spam or DOS. You could save your computer by using antimalware software. Antimalware block access of malware to your PC. Antimalware security could save you from any virus threats. If you are not able to access some websites, you must check your computer for malware. Use antimalware software to scan your computer and remove malware if available.

Changing IP

Changing your IP is very easy; there are softwares that can change your IP for you. You could download VPN from the app store or install the extension to your chrome. You could easily change your IP with a single click. This way, you can even access the websites that are ban in your area. Websites that are ban in your country are accessible by using a VPN.


Your IP has been temporarily blocked: this message could ruin your entertainment. You could lose access to the website. Often the temporary blocking is for 24 hours max, but the time could extend. The problem could be serious, and you might have to wait a long time before you get your access back. However, by following the methods in this article, you could easily get back to the website.

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