What Companies Are In The Capital Goods Field?

What Companies Are In The Capital Goods Field?

Products are made from raw material; however all-time the material isn’t raw. Some companies utilize already made goods for production. So between raw material supply and final production and other industry works, which is called the capital goods industry. What is the capital goods industry? What companies are in the capital goods field? How does the capital goods industry work? What kinds of jobs does the capital industry offer? All of these questions will be answered in this article. So, read till the end to learn all about the capital goods industry and its operations.

What is Capital Goods Industry?

The industry is responsible for the production of the product, which other companies further utilize for production. The product could range from heavy industrial machinery to screws that companies use in the production of goods. Production of products that companies use to provide services to their customer also falls in the zone of capital industry. So, what companies are in the capital goods field? Answering this question can be difficult, but we will try to answer all the questions in this article.

The field of capital goods industry is very vast. So, to find out what companies are in the capital goods field? We must first clarify the definition of the capital goods industry. If a company is using brooms to service clients, then the company that produces brooms will fall in the capital goods industry. However, it is not true; the company of broom will not be a capital goods company until it only produces products for other businesses. The product that another business is using will be a capital good; however, the company won’t lie in the capital goods industry.

Companies that produce goods for other businesses and their clients only include business clients. Such companies lie in the capital goods field. However, it is important to understand that the concept is firstly a growing concept. Some experts even include companies that are not specific to supplying only business clients. However, the logic is very simple if we accept all businesses as part of the capital goods industry whose products are in use for business. Then all companies in the world would become part of the capital goods industry. The definition is clear now we can answer the question; what companies are in the capital goods field?

What Companies Are In The Capital Goods Field?

As the definition of a capital goods industry is clear, we all now know what is the capital industry. So, we can answer the question what companies are in the capital goods field. Several companies alone in the United States work in the capital goods industry. It is one of the most profitable businesses because the seller won’t have to spend much on the marketing. Clients in the capital goods industry are regular clients. Churning in this industry is very little; however, to gather new clients, the marketing departments don’t have to do many efforts. Therefore, a huge number of companies have entered this industry. Following is the list of companies that are in the capital goods field:


Everyone knows the name Boeing; it is the most famous aerospace company. To make it easy, it is the most famous company that makes aeroplanes. Boeing produces planes for commercial use; the company is the biggest supplier of planes in the world. Looking forward to working in this company, an employer could make a very good career. Boeing has around 142 thousand employees. Their business is expanded all over the world. Anyone willing to work for the company could apply for the job. The headquarters of Boeing is in Arlington, VA.


If you think of Caterpillar as a small company due to its name, then you are wrong. Caterpillar. Inc is one of the biggest suppliers of construction equipment. The company manufacture and provides construction machinery. Caterpillar, Inc has business all around the world; it supplies its equipment to more than 190 countries. The company has the biggest share in the construction equipment business. Caterpillar. Inc’s headquarter is in Deerfield, Illinois. Around the world, the company has more than 108,000 employees. Pursuing a career in this company is a great choice, so if you want to work at caterpillar, you can apply on their website.

Lockheed Martin

The company is one of the biggest companies in defence and aerospace. Lockheed Martin works with the United States government to make the defences of the country strong. The company also has its hands in technology; it provides equipment for the robotic industries. Lockheed is also working on the creation of AI for production in the military. The company is really integrated with the US defences; however, the working opportunities in the company are high. Lockheed is continuously expanding, opening new opportunities for people. Currently, more than 114,000 people work in this company. People love to work for Lockheed Martin because it provides the best working conditions for the workers.

United Rentals. Inc

United Rentals, as the name suggests, is one of the biggest rental companies in the world. United Rentals is a company working in the United States of America and has a business around the world. The company provide equipment for construction companies and industries around the world. They lend machinery and other equipment to businesses. United Rentals help companies that could not own the machinery; it has been working in and outside of the US. United Rentals have more than 20,000 workers, and the number is expanding. Suppose you are looking for a job then United Rentals. Inc could be the starting point for you. Opportunities for fresh and experienced candidates are available.


The capital goods industry is a vast concept that requires huge discussion. However, this article provides you with a little glimpse of what companies are in the capital goods field. This could provide you with a little idea about the industry of capital goods. If you are looking for a career in this industry, then you could apply to any of the companies on our list. People of all fields, engineers, scientists, accountants, or workers, could find jobs in this industry.

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