Sparkling Cookies: Everything You Need To Know

Sparkling Cookies: Everything You Need To Know

New games come out every day; Cookies Run is one of the new games that are fun side of the game verse. However, some games are not so fun, and they don’t get enough love from the audience. So, we will not talk about bad stuff today because it is not so fun. You have seen Dragon Ball Z and might have seen Zeno. We are also like Zeno and love fun. So, today we will talk about Cookies Run and the most interesting character Sparkling Cookies. It is an amazing game, so we will talk about fun today in this article. So, read till the end to know all about it.

Cookies Run

Cookies Run is not a game but a series of online games. The game is made by a Korean gaming company; they have some of the best games in the world. Devsisters famous for their games are the developers of this amazing game. Devsisters is a south Korean gaming company, and they are famous for their unique games. Korea is a country that is unique in many ways, so most of the things that come out of that country are also unique. They made the Cookies Run series in 20019, and the last game came out in 2021.

The first release OvenBreak came out on 15 June 2009. The game got popular among Korean and American audiences as well. Even in OvenBreak, there are several releases, and OvenBreak Infinity is the most popular among them. Sparkling Cookies is one of the most popular characters in this game, and we will talk about it below in this article. Cookies Run’s latest game is Cookie Run Kingdom. It came out on 21 January 2021. It is a roleplaying game where characters have to run and go through the obstacle to earn points.

Sparling cookies are one of the characters in this game. If you think Cookie Run is a copy of Temple Run, then you might be wrong. So, all the speculations that the game might be a copy of another game are all hoaxes. The game concept is pretty different from Temple Run or other games like these. You will understand It once you play the game yourself. So, to get a better understanding of the game, download it to your phone and connect it with Line and play with your friends.

Sparkling Cookies

Sparkling cookies have been part of the game since the first day. It is one of the pioneers in the Cookie run game. The character is just like its name Sparkling; it is one of the cookies in the game that you can select to play the game. The cookie looks like a Gen z who has a cool hairstyle and looks cool in whatever he does. He is part of the main cast in the game and has fire for his hair. One of the coolest characters you can select in the game. The cookie is very famous among the players because of its sparkling personality.

Sparkling  Cookies are an integral part of the game. He is the organizer and the host of the sparkling party, and there is no cookie that doesn’t want to be part of this party. So, his description says that you get an invitation to a sparkling party, and when you get there, he welcomes you with a smile. He offers you sparkling juice and welcomes you to a party. He has a very nice manner and is friends with everyone; his looks are enough to take over anyone’s heart. So, you can call him one of the best characters in the game.

The cocktails he offers to his friends heal their health. Sparkling cookies have a healing factor; it offers cocktails to his friends to heal up their HP. It is one of the best characters in the game because it not only improves your team but heals them up. The critical strike chance in this game also improves, so you can call it one of the best characters in this game. The Soul stone of Sparkling has his dashing face inside the gem.

Why do Cookies Run Better Than Other Running Games?

Cookies Run is not just a running game but a roleplaying game that involves teamwork. You have to be in a team to play this game. Sparkling cookies are one of the best characteristics that you can use in your team to boost up the team. You can give your team a boost while competing with the other team. So, when you lose your HP, you will improve your HP. One more thing that will help you in the game will be the improved critical attack. Improving your critical attack can be the difference between winning and losing. So, this is one of the best characteristics for your team.

There are several other cookies in the game; these cookies have their own special powers. These special powers can help your team. So, when selecting a team to go against your enemies, think critically first. So, this is what makes this game even better than other running games. In other running games, you just don’t have to think critically before making the team. It is just skin that is there to make your character look good. However, in Cookies Run, you will have to think critically and strategize to make a team that can perform against enemies and then delivers. So, it is better than any other competition.


A popular Korean company is behind the idea of this amazing game which we all know and love as Cookies Run. The game first came out in 2009. The last game which came out was Cookies Run: Kingdom. Sparkling Cookies has been part of this game since day one. It is one of the best characters in your game. It has the best powers, which can improve the HP of its fellow character. Along with that, it also improves the critical attack. So, such strategies are what make this game so interesting. You would love to play it with your friends.

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