Roman Reigns Wife: Biography

Roman Reigns Wife: Biography

Who doesn’t know about WWE? WWE is the world’s biggest wrestling entertainment company. Wrestlers are entertainers who entertain people around the world. WWE had a lot of wrestlers, but the push Roman Reigns got was unimaginable. He is one of the biggest superstars in the world, and this is the reason people want to know about his personal life. He comes from a very prestigious wrestling family. Most of his family has been part of WWE, and his cousins are part of his faction even now. The only thing people want to know about roman reigns wife. Who is she, and what does she do? So, read this article to know about it.

Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns is currently one of the biggest names in the wrestling industry. He has the push no other wrestler has ever got. There have been wrestlers who had got two belts, but no one had them like Roman Reigns. Roman Reign’s real name is Leati Joseph “Joe” Anoa’I; he comes from the Anoa family.

The Anoa family is one of the biggest wrestling families in the world. Fanene Anderson (Peter Maivia) is among the first wrestlers in this family. Ofelia Fuataga was the wife of Fanene Anderson and among the first wrestler in the family. The rocky Johnson, The Rock, Omaga, and several other wrestlers have been from this family.

People who know wrestling and know about Roman Reigns want to know about Roman Reigns wife. So, this article will tell you all information about his wife. Roman Reign began his career in professional Football. Roman Reigns is currently a WWE wrestler, and there is no other wrestler who can match his caliber in WWE right now.

He is currently leading a faction in WWE, the Bloodline. All of his cousins in WWE are part of this faction, along with Sami Zayn. The faction has almost all the major titles in WWE, and this is the reason he is getting so famous among fans. His work as a face wasn’t famous, but now as he has become a heel, people love him.

Roman Reigns wife has never been part of any WWE storyline; he doesn’t involve her in WWE and keeps his personal life private. We have been able to gather some information about the couple, which we will discuss below in this article. So, read this article till the end.

Roman Reigns Wife

Reigns is one of the most famous WWE wrestlers, and people want to know about his wife. Roman Reigns wife, Galina Becker, is a fitness model. She was born on the 11th of March, 1987. Galina Joelle Becker is a fitness model and a social media personality. She was born in Jacksonville, Florida but currently lives with her husband.

The couple has been in a relationship for 15 years but made it official in 2014. Their marriage ceremony was held after Roman’s arrival in WWE. The couple has five children together and lives happily. There has no controversy surrounding the two, and they live a very happy life. Both are public figures, but unlike most celebrities, they keep their personal lives and relationship private.

She has a net worth of 4 million dollars; she is an Instagram model and Influencer on Twitter. She is often vocal about LGBTQ rights and about the black community. Galina has around 4k followers on Instagram and ten posts on the social media platform. She has just begun her career on Instagram, but soon she will get to the place she wants to be. She has few followers on Twitter, but she never shies away from speaking her mind.


Roman Reigns began as a professional football player, but soon he understood that is not a career of his choice. He became part of the WWE developmental department NXT. There he was wrestling with Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins; later, they all came to WWE together in a faction Shield. The faction became an instant hit, and they had feuds with the likes of John Cena, CM Punk, Undertake, and DX.

DX came back to fight the most popular faction of their time, Shield. Roman Reigns was the powerhouse of the faction, and he was the biggest of them all. Roman Reigns was not good with his mike skills, but he was not ready to back out. After the end of Shield, they all went separate ways, Dean Ambrose left the company, but the other two are still part of the company.

Roman Reigns has become one of the biggest names in the company, and this came after his turn into a heel. As a face for WWE, he was not popular among the masses, but when he became a heel, people came behind him. He is now one of the best merch sellers in the company as the head of the table. He now heads the faction known as Bloodline; he is the head of the faction as head of the table. The gimmick Head of the table is the most popular among the masses right now.

Roman Reigns Wife Future

Most wrestlers and their wives also join wrestling companies, so fans speculate if she is going to be part of the WWE. She is becoming active on several social media platforms and trying her best to come into the limelight. However, she keeps her personal life private. So, fans speculate that if she is ever going to be part of the company and especially Bloodline. The whole faction comprises of Anoa family, and this is the reason fans speculate about her arrival in the company.

Final Words

Roman Reigns is getting very famous with his new gimmick and heel turn. He is part of the faction Bloodline, which has all the members of the Anoa family. So, people speculate which new people would become part of this faction. Roman Reigns wife is a person people think might become part of the faction. WWE is a wild place, and people cannot expect what might happen in the future. So, you can expect anything from WWE and WWE management.

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