Marcel Young: Only Son Of Dr. Dre

Marcel Young: Only Son Of Dr. Dre

Marcel Young is only famous for being the son of the famous rapper De Dre. Dr Dre is a famous rapper who has won many awards over the years. He also has many successful albums to his name. Dr Dre has a total of eight children, and Marcel Young is the sixth child. He had this child with his girlfriend, Michele, in 1991. Marcel is a personal kind of person and doesn’t share much information about himself. He doesn’t have much social media activity, nor does he goes to any media channel, so he has a very personal life. However, we have gathered some information about Dre’s son that you might want to know.

Marcel Early Life

Marcel was just five years old when his father left his mother. Dr, who is 57 years old now, was 22 at the time of his birth. Marcel was born on 6th February 1991. He was born in Los Angeles, California. He is currently 31 years old and lives alone; no one knows about his current residence and his marital status. Marcel Young was just 5 when Dr Dre left his mother; he saw an abusive father who was always drunk at home. Not much is known about his schooling and his later profession. He always keeps his life simple and to himself.

Marcel Young’s Parents

Marcel got his last name from his father, Dr Dre, whose real name is Andre Romelle Young. He was born in 1965 and is currently 57 years old. Dr Dre is a famous rapper, musician, actor and record executive. He has many awards to his name, and the world considers him one of the best of all time. Dr Dre has eight children with many women. Most of his children’s identity is unknown as they don’t want to publicize their lives; however, he supports his children financially.

Dr Dre met Michelle in 1986 and was part of world Class Wreckin’ Cru. The couple hit it from there and began a healthy relationship. Michelle was just 16 years old at the time of their relationship. She was just a young girl. She became part of the crew, replacing another girl who wasn’t able to make it, so their relationship began with a coincidence. The couple was engaged in 1987. Marcel Young was born in 1991 after four years of relationship. However, the relationship began collapsing when Dr Dre’s drinking problem became serious.

He became violent to his wife, and this became the reason for their separation. So another reason for separation was that Dr Dre was more ambitious about his career, but Michelle chose her child. However, Michelle found love again with Suge Knight, but this relationship was not a good one either.

Marcel Young’s Parent’s Separation

Marcel Young was just five years of age when Dre left Michelle. Michelle, instead of her career, chose her son. The reason behind the separation was violent behaviour of Dre. He became violent because of his drinking problem. He even once shot at Michelle; however, she was saved just by two inches. Dre often beat her, a broken nose, bleeding lips, five black eyes, and broken ribs were what she got from this relationship, so when she was done, she left him. However, Dre kept supporting his child even after their separation. He still financially supports his son.

Marcel Young’s Siblings

Marcel Young has five elder and three younger siblings. She has seven siblings from his father’s side and one sister from his mother’s side. Marcel Young is close to Bailey, the sister from her mother’s side. Bailey is the daughter of Michelle and Suge Knight. Marcel has said in an interview that he has a very good relationship with his sister and loves spending time with his sister.

His eldest brother is Curtis from his father’s side, he was born when his father was just 16, and his mother was 15. Curtis is following in his father’s footsteps, and he is also a famous rapper. He has been working with several famous artists and creating a name like his father, so he is the only child that is famous for his work.

LaTanya Young is Marcel’s eldest sister. She was born in 1983, and her mother’s name is Lisa. She is currently 39 years old, and not much is known about her because she keeps everything personal. From Lisa and Dre, Marcel also has two other sister’s LaToya and Ashely. LaToya was born one year after LaTanya in 1984, and Ashely was also born one year after her sister. Tyra is another daughter of Dre, but her mother’s identity is unknown. She is the same age as LaTanya.

Dre’s 5th child Andre Young Jr was born just before Marcel in 1991, and he was some days older than Marcel. However, he was a drug addict and died during his twenties. He died due to a drug overdose. Truice is his young brother and also follows his father; Truice is also in music. He is the son of Dre and Nicole Young; the couple also has a daughter, Truly. Truly was born in 2001, and she is currently 21 years old.

Marcel Young’s Net Worth

Marcel stays away from the limelight; very little information about this star kid is known. He stays away from all the drama, so no one actually knows about his net worth and other information. He doesn’t have any social media accounts, and he also doesn’t go to any interviews. So, no one actually knows about his total net worth. Marcels any photo on Instagram is from 2016, which was from her mother’s IG handle.


Marcel Young is a celebrity child, but unlike others, he is not very famous. He tries to avoid the limelight because he has seen what it does to people. Marcel had a very violent childhood; his early childhood was full of violence and aggression from his father. Currently, he stays away from media to any attention to him.

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