Learn More Absorb Absorb Element 5e

Learn More Absorb  Absorb Element 5e

DnD is a very fun game, and you can experience a whole new world in it. In the game, during campaigns, you face a lot of adventure. The players in the game can attack you with different kinds of spells and weapons. You take a lot of damage during the campaign; each attack can have different consequences based on the situation in the game. Even if an attack does do any damage, it still has some impact on the player. Absorb element 5e can shield you from such attacks and help you use the energy in your next attack; damage to your attack increases by absorbing the energy.

Everyone wants to learn about such spells to use in DnD. Well, feel lucky because you have landed in the right place. This article will help you learn more about the absorbing element 5e spell. You can learn how you can use it to your advantage. Read till the end to learn more about it.

Absorb Element 5e

Absorb Element spell that could reduce the damage from incoming attacks. The spell cannot reduce damages from all kinds of attacks and helps you against some specific attacks. It reduces the incoming damage of any attack and then stores the energy from that attack for future use. The power adds to your next melee attack and increases its damage.

Absorb element 5e is cast with only somatic components. You can use the spell as a reaction and to shield your character from incoming damage. You can cast this spell by raising your hand and creating a shield in front of you. This spell is an incredible tool in your arsenal, and it allows casters to do cool tricks. This reaction spell not only reduces the incoming damage but also enables you to increase the damage in your turn, giving you an upper hand in your campaign.

The spell is powerful because it doesn’t just work against a single attack; in a situation, it could help you against the attacks of groups. The spell after casting could save you till the start of your next turn. This means that you are safe until your next turn. All the attacks in between would just help you increase the power of your upcoming melee attack. Absorb Element 5e is the first-level spell and deals extra damage of 1d6 to your victim. As the character becomes stronger and gets more experience in the game, it could be used in the next levels. The damage of the spell increases 1d6 with each level. Your melee attack after casting this spell would increase damage 1d6 with each level.

So overall this spell could help you in this game. You can have a powerful spell by your side that could protect you and deal massive damage to your victims. If you use it as a prepared spell in the game, you could have the upper hand. Anything bad sent your way could become an aid to your power. However, as we said earlier, the spell only works against specific attacks.

How does it work?

The casting time required for this spell is one reaction; you could resist an attack when you see it coming your way. You can simply raise your hand and resist the attack coming your way. Only a caster could use this spell, and you must have a melee weapon to inflict damage on the victim. So, when you see an attack coming your way, react by raising your hand and casting absorb element spell; you can only absorb the energy if you have a spell slot of the first level. 

Absorb Element 5e would reduce the coming damage, and you would store a lot of energy; then, when you see any opponent, you could inflict damage on them by a melee attack. The energy absorbed would increase the damage to the opponent. The spell ends once you have attacked the enemy. The energy from the previous attacks would add to your next melee attack. The power of your next attack will increase.  The best use of this spell is when you have an enemy with a variety of attacks. In such case, this spell could help you resist and improve the damage of your attack.

Damages and Absorb Element 5e

Dungeons and Dragons have several types of damage, and a different weapon or spell could do each damage. Some damages use weapons, and some purely rely upon magic. Absorb element helps you absorb the damages that use magic. The spell gives you resistance against all types of damage. However, it can only absorb 5 damages that include Acid, Fire, Cold, Lightning, and Thunder. Your character cannot absorb the other 8 damages. It is because some of them don’t use magic, and therefore there is nothing that you can absorb. Psychic attacks and toxic damage could impact the mind and soul. Hence the character cannot absorb those attacks.

Is Absorb Element a defensive or offensive spell?

The spell works both ways; as mentioned earlier, the spell allows you to resist the damage coming toward you. This means you can defend yourself from the coming attack. The damage the attack has would reduce, and you could store the energy of that attack as well. you can use the energy you store during a melee attack. Absorb Element 5e spell increases the damage of the melee attack performed. The damage of the melee attack increases with the level. So, one can consider the spell both an offensive and defensive spell as it serves both jobs pretty well.


Some people consider Absorb Element 5e to be an overpowered spell that shouldn’t exist; however, it isn’t true. The spell doesn’t work for all characters and situations in DnD. While playing you must be aware of the situation where to use it so it could be of any advantage. However, it is a cool spell that you can use for both defensive and offensive moves. You can hit the enemy with their own medicine. So, if you are a caster, you must have this spell in your arsenal. This could make your game more fun.


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