Jack Harlow Height, Weight, Age, Net Worth

Jack Harlow Height, Weight, Age, Net Worth

Jack Harlow is a famous personality, and if you love rap, then you might have heard his songs. He is among the industry’s top rappers, and he does his own writing along with rap. He is also a musician, so jack is an all-rounder and has his hand in all lines of music. Jack is also a record producer, which means he is all in one package. This article will provide you with all information about Jack Harlow and his career. You will also learn about Jack Harlow height, weight, age, and net worth.

Early Life

Jack Harlow has no relatives in the industry, and he was born into a family of businessmen. Jack Harlow was born Jackman Thomas Harlow. He was born on 13th March 1998, and the famous rapper is currently just 24 years old; however, he has made a big name for himself. He was born in Louisville, Kentucky, and grew up on a farm near Shelbyville. Jack has a younger brother who is not much famous. He is a private person and doesn’t come on media.

Jack had no relatives in the industry, and he had to struggle to make a name for himself. He had art, so his art took him from nobody to the status of Jack Harlow. Jack was doing rap at the age of 12, and he began his career by recording music on a Guitar Hero microphone. Harlow, along with his friend Kennie Copeland used to record music on a microphone and his laptop. He made his first CD on that microphone and sold copies at school and to his friends, and from that earnings bought a professional microphone. So afterward, he made several mixtapes after that and sold those records. From such humble starts, he has won many awards and also made several records.

Jack Harlow Family

Jackman Thomas Harlow was born in 1998 to Maggie and Brian Harlow. Maggie is a businesswoman, and Brian, his father, also owns his own business. Both parents are very supportive of jack’s profession. They were a huge help in his career. Jack’s dad is of both Irish and French descent. They believe in Christianity and are firm believers in the faith. Jack Harlow also has a younger brother, details about his brother are unknown. Clayborn Harlow is the younger brother of Jack Harlow. Details about his career, life, and relationships are unknown. He doesn’t do much on social media, so all of his accounts are private.

Relationship Status

Jack is currently in no romantic relationship, and rumors were that he is dating Addison Rae, so Jack gave audiences a clear answer. Jack cleared all rumors about his relationship. He told that he is focusing on his music career, so he doesn’t want to be part of any relationships right now. Addison Rae is also a famous TikToker; she has a huge fan following on the app, and rumor began when the two were seen together. So, Jack is currently single and focusing on his growing music career. You will find jack’s other details below in this article. You will find details about Jack Harlow height, weight, and other details.

Jack Harlow Height and Weight

He is a tall guy; however, his height was a matter of confusion. Jack Harlow height became a victim of the Mandela effect, where people believed the wrong height of the singer. Jack is around 5 feet and 9 inches, but people consider him six feet and three inches tall. The height of the actor was a big confusion among his fan. So, jack Harlow height is 5 feet and 9 inches. He is built strong and has a weight of 75 kg. He is among the top rappers in the United States of America. Jack has a huge fan following, and girls are just fans of his charming looks and hair.

Jack’s hair color is brown, and he also has brown eyes. He got his looks from his mother. Jack has a very attractive slim face, and therefore women love him.

Jack’s Career

Jack had a humble beginning, and now he has become a big star in the country. Jack’s love for music came from his mother, who is also a big fan of Hip Hop. Jack’s mother is a huge fan of Eminem; well, who isn’t a fan of Eminem? So, she brought music into her so’s life, and he took it to the next level. Jack wrote his first rap at the age of 12, so he would perform in front of his schoolfellow, and they would get lost in his performance. Jack began his music career with his first tape Rippin Rapping. He made this tape on a normal microphone and bought a professional one by selling its copies.

Jack’s first mix tape was Extra credit, which came out in 2011. He was just 13 years old at that time. While he was completing high school in 2015, his second album came out. So, jack became an instant hit in his school fellow, but this was just the start of his successful music career.

What’s Poppin is his single from 2020, and the song has more than 380 million views on Spotify and around 100 million views on YouTube. He also has a song along with Lil Nas X, “Industry Baby,” which is also among his top best performances.

Net Worth

Jack’s career is just starting, but he has made millions at the start of his career. Jack’s net worth is around 4 million dollars. He has had some humble beginnings, but he is slowly climbing the ladder of fame, so his net worth will also climb with his success. Jack is also debuting as an actor in an upcoming film.


So, this article is about the famous rapper and musician Jack Harlow. The article is about his personal life and his career. You will also find out about Jack Harlow Height, weight, age, and net worth. So, read the whole article to learn all about him. He is also debuting as an actor, and it will be fun to see him working in a movie.

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