Is Basic Industries A Good Career Path?

Is Basic Industries A Good Career Path?

Finding the best career path is the most difficult question in every young person’s mind. You need to ask many questions and go through many job options to find the one best for you. You might be wrong if you think someone else could decide the best career path for you. Because others cannot find a suitable career for you, you would have to do it yourself. So, you must start asking questions. is basic industries a good career path? This could be your first question on the way to finding a good career path.

This article will help you decide if basic industries are a good career path for you. You will learn all about the basic industries, and you will also learn what kinds of jobs are available in this industry. Read till the end to learn all about the basic industry.

Basic Industries

Basic industries, as the name says, provide the most basic stuff that companies use for production. The companies work with raw materials; they explore and extract raw materials from the ground. There are a number of companies that work in this industry. These companies explore the raw material and locate the areas where they can find the raw materials. Companies in this industry use heavy machinery to extract raw materials.

The companies then process or send the raw material to other companies in its basic form. There is huge number of products that are made in basic industries. However, all companies that are working with raw materials are not part of the basic industry. Such companies include refineries and other companies that deal with the raw material but sell a final product. The simple definition of basic industry is the industry that explores and then extracts the raw material. They deal with both organic and inorganic materials. Now the question arises is basic industries a good career path?

Types of Basic Industries

Before we move on to the question, is basic industries a good career path? We must discuss what the types of basic industries are and how these types differ from each other. Below we will discuss the types of basic industries:

Oil and Gas

One of the most important parts of this industry is the oil and gas industry. The oil and gas industry is responsible for the working of the whole world. Oil and gas are the main requirements of the world, so the one who controls oil and gas controls the world. Oil and gas exploration is one of the most difficult tasks; finding oil and extracting it is very difficult. Countries that are rich with these gifts are one of the richest countries in the world. Oil and gas extraction requires heavy machinery; the basic oil and gas industry just explores the oil and gas reserves and extracts them. They supply it to the companies that refine and sell it further as the final product.


Mining is also very important as most of the raw material comes from mines. Working in a mining company could be very dangerous, especially if you are working as labor. Mining in developing countries is also very dangerous because companies do not take care of their employees. We often hear the news that mine workers die in mining accidents. However, times are changing, and mining equipment is getting better and requires less assistance from humans. Mining companies extract raw materials from the ground and ship them to companies that use them for production.

Basic Chemical Production

The basic chemical production industry is also a part of the basic industry; companies in this field are responsible for the production of basic chemicals. Companies use these chemicals for further production. Many companies in the US and around the world work in this field. Companies use organic and inorganic materials for the production of raw chemicals. The US exports a huge number of basic chemicals. So, in the US, it is one of the most important categories of basic industry; Dow and DuPont are the top two companies working in basic industry.


Agriculture production is one of the most important fields of basic industry. Everyone wants to live and to live, we need to eat. Agriculture fulfills the demands of food around the world. The United States of America years exports billions of dollars worth of agricultural products. Australia is one of the biggest exporters of raw agricultural products. The agriculture industry is the oldest industry in the world. People have been working in the agriculture industry since the dawn of the ages.


Forestry is also a part of the basic industry; companies in this industry are responsible for the supply of wood to the companies. Companies in this field maintain forests, and deforestation is destroying the world. Therefore companies that cut wood from forests maintain them by planting new plants. They replace the trees they cut with new trees, so they can save the world from deforestation.

Is basic industries a good career path?

Well, it is a question no one can answer for you. If you are thinking, is basic industries a good career path? Then you must first find what you are looking for in a job. A person looks for different types of characteristics in a job, so if you are looking for a new job, decide what kind of job you want. Basic industries have different kinds of job opportunities. You could work as a labor or apply for a higher position. Each position pays according to its importance in company, so your pay will depend on the nature of job. There are jobs in this industry that pay more than 100,000 dollars yearly, so if this is what you are looking for. The basic industry is a good career path for you.


So, if you are looking for a career path, this article would greatly help you. Some people look to make a career in a basic industry. Before applying, you must ask yourself, is basic industries a good career path for me? The answer to this question is hidden in your own demands. So, if you ask, is basic industries a good career path? Then you must decide for yourself.

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