How Old Is Kay Flock? Details

How Old Is Kay Flock? Details

The rap industry is growing exponentially, it was a time when rap was not given much importance, but rap is the real deal. If you don’t have a rap in your song, the song is just incomplete. The industry is growing, and with that, the number of artists is growing too. You get so many people who want to get into this industry and get famous. Kay Flock is one of those young people; he came into this industry at a very young age. So, if you want to know How old is Kay Flock, you will have to read this article till the end to find out.

Kay Flock

He is a famous hip-hop artist; he has done his work in genres like Hip Hop Dill and Bronx Drill. He is a young rapper but got famous very quickly; he has an immense following all over the world. Just look at google statistics, and you will find out how many people actually search about him. He has his own website and collaborates with many famous singers.

Kay Flock is a young guy, but when you look at him, you cannot guess his age. So, people often search about his age, How old is Kay Flock, when they learn from friends that he is so young. You will find out about his age below in this article, but before that, let’s learn more about him. Kay Flock is an American Rapper who came into this industry during Covid.

He began his professional career in 2020, and before that, he was writing and performing at a small level. Kay Flock’s original name is Kevin Perez, and he was born in the Bronx, New York. He is from the Bronx, and that’s the reason most of his work is in the Bronx Drill Genre. People love Kay Flock for his style of rapping and his originality.

Kay’s first mixtape debut was in 2021 from The D.O.A tape. Since then, he has been part of some very famous songs. The most famous song of his career was “Not In The Mood.” The song Not In The Mood was sung by none other than Lil Tjay. The song was in 61st position on the Billboard Hot 100. This made him a star overnight, and he got an immense following after working with Lil Tjay.

Early Life

Kay Flock doesn’t like to discuss his early life much, so there isn’t much about his early life. However, in an interview, he said that his home was dangerous. This shows that his childhood was very tough. In America, there are houses where life is hell, so Flock may have been part of such a house. However, he never talks about his early life, so people don’t know much about him. There are no details about his parent, his sibling, and other family members. Fans only know about his birthdate and the place of his birth; other details are not available at all. Flock’s difficult childhood made him a strong person, which reflects in his work.

How Old Is Kay Flock?

So, for all those who want to know how old is Kay Flock? He was born on the 20th of April, 2017. Flock is just a 19-year-old boy. He began his career in 2020 when he was just 17 years old. Kay Flock is among the youngest rappers in the industry. He has become very famous in a short period. The hard work behind his success shows in his work. He is just a 19-year-old guy, but his work is more mature than his age.


Kay Flock began his career during the Pandemic in 2020; his first songs include “Pop Spotter,” “Brotherly Love,” and “PSA.” His first mix tape came out in November of 2021, almost a year after his debut in the industry. The song was number one on the Heatseekers Albums chart. His song, which came out in August, “Ya Ready,” also became an instant hit.

All of his songs had some kind of recognition; this is the reason why you can call him a hit machine. He became famous at such a young age. “Not In The Mood” by Lil Tjay was the turning point of his career. He became a big name in the industry and got many followers. In April of 2022, his song “Shake it” came out, and people were shaking their booties at his music.

Kay Flock has been growing with his lovely music and heartfelt lines. Flock’s songs always show his real side; he explores different kinds of music and songs. He is just 19 years old and has a long way to go. Flock can achieve a lot of things; he just has to focus on his career and take the right steps. He will surely become a big name in the industry in the future.

Kay Flock’s Net Worth

You know a lot of things about Kay Flock, like, how old is Kay Flock? Or about his music career. It is important to know about your favorite people, so you can follow the same path. Flock is a famous rapper and has almost half a million followers on his Instagram account. Flock has a very strong fan following, who are crazy to see a single glance of him.

Kay flock has a half million followers, but his net worth is a full million. Flock’s net worth stands at one million dollars. He is earning well but loves to spend money. He always parties like all rappers do and love to spend his money on expensive things.

Final Words

This article was about Kay Flock; you can learn everything about him in this article. Some people who don’t believe his age want to know how old is Kay Flock. So, now you know how old he is and what he does. He is an interesting person, and so is his music. If you want to follow his music, visit his website. You can also download his music from Spotify. He is the real deal, and you will know it once you see his work.

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