Elijah Judd Biography

Elijah Judd Biography

Stra kids are famous, but some are not able to gain fame like other star kids, for example, north west. Elijah Judd is a famous star kid, but unlike North West, he is not famous since his childhood. Elijah Judd got some attention after the passing of his grandmother Naomi Judd. Naomi Judd is a famous singer; she is famous for her beautiful voice and amazing songs. This article will provide you with all information about the Judd family. You will learn about Elijah Judd and what he is famous for. Find his age, height, net worth and much more. You will also learn about his wife and other affairs during his lifetime. Read this article till the end to learn all about him.

Early Life

Elijah Judd, a famous star kind, singer and musician, was born on 23 December. He was born to Wynonna Judd on 23 December 1994. Elijah was born in Nashville, Tennessee. He was born into a family of singers, so his firth passion in life became music. Details about his educational background are unknown. He is a graduate, but very little is known about his schools and education. He started his early education at a local school in his hometown. Further information is not available about his study,

Elijah Judd, like his mother and grandmother, believes in Jesus Christ. He is a Catholic Christian and has a firm belief in his religion. He is currently 27 years old and pursuing his music career like his mother and grandmother.

Elijah Judd’s Family

Elijah Judd has a family that everyone knows about, and he is the grandson of Naomi Judd and the son of Wynonna Judd. He is the family’s elder son; his father’s name is Arch Kelly III, and he is also a famous personality. Elijah is a famous actor, so Elijah has been around great personalities since his childhood. He also has a sister, Grace Pauline Kelley. Grace is currently in jail for a violation probation period. She is a drug addict, but the sources claim that she is not just drug user but also a drug dealer. She has been under treatment for a very long time.

Elijah is also very close to his grandfather Charles Jordan. He has an aunt named Ashley Judd. She is also a famous star kid. Elijah’s name came into the news after the death of his grandmother. Elijah’s music became famous when people found out he was the grandson of Naomi Judd. He became an instant star after his grandmother’s death. He has great taste in music and is a wonderful artist. Wynonna Judd has a great career under her name; she also has many awards to her name. Elijah is walking in her mother’s shoes and looking forward to making a great career. He is just 27, so he has a long career in front of him. He also has a bright future to win great awards like his mother. Elijah is also happily married; more about his marriage is below.

Elijah’s Marital Status

Elijah is happily married to his beautiful wife, Hailey Williams. He was in a long-term relationship with Hailey, and then, in 2017, he went down on his knees to propose to his girlfriend. It was a small ceremony where all family members were present. The couple married on 19th September 2020. The marriage ceremony was a small family gathering, where both took their vows. Hailey has been his dream girl since she was a teenager. They became a couple during their teenage and then made their relationship strong with their marriage. However, there has been two years of their marriage there has been no update regarding their children. Hope, we hear a piece of good news soon.

Elijah Judd’s Career

Elijah’s love for music came from his blood as his mother and also his grandmother is a famous singers. Elijah Judd’s mother has several awards to her name and several successful albums. Elijah was a great support to one of her albums, “A Classic Christmas”. Apart from the family, he also has made music with other singers. He is just an emerging star and has a long career in front of him, so you cannot judge him on his current work. Music is in his blood as he is the son of Wynonna Judd and the Grandson of Naomi Judd. He is not much active on social media; he keeps his professional and personal life secret which is good for him.

Elijah Judd’s Net worth

Elijah is at the start of his career, making the path to great success, so he is currently not worth much, but he has set his mind. Currently, he has a net worth of 1 million US dollars. He has a small beautiful home and some nice comfortable cars. He lives with his wife in his small home.

Elijah Judd Personal Information

Elijah is a Christian and has white ethnicity. He is around 1.75 meters tall and got his height from his father, and he is also the same height. He weighs around 64 kg. The American star kid has a shoe size of 7 and has blue eye colour. Elijah doesn’t like tattoos; however, he has piercings in his ears. So, overall he is a tall, handsome guy who has a very strong family background.

Elijah Judd’s Controversies

Elijah Judd is a family man and stays away from controversies. He keeps his life secret and avoids social media. Elijah has no controversies; unlike his sister, he has been a good boy all his life. However, his sister grace’s life has been filled with controversies. From being a drug addict to landing in jail, people also accuse her of being a drug dealer. Sources claim that she has been a drug dealer and put her family in huge trouble.


So, this is everything you must know about Elijah Judd, grandson of Naomi Judd and son of Wynonna Judd. Elijah is a successful musician, and unlike his sister, he tries to stay away from controversies. He is a married man. Elijah is famous for being a star kid, but he is also pursuing a career in music to make a name for himself, like his mother and grandmother.

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