Best Action Camera Microphone

Best Action Camera Microphone

Lights, camera, and action, but there is a difference in every action. Some actions, like stunts and racing, are different from romance. In such scenes, the actors have to do physical actions while moving, so the camera also has to move. Video quality just doesn’t depend on the video, but the audio is also important. So, companies manufacture camera’s with one thing in mind best video quality. So, for audio, you need a separate microphone to capture the best sound possible. Especially the action camera microphone is very different. They have special qualities that normal microphones don’t have; this helps them capture the best sound while moving. So, find more information about these below.

Difference Between Action Camera Microphone Vs. Normal Microphone

So, the difference lies in the quality of noise cancellation and the quality of audio it captures. A normal microphone doesn’t have a noise cancellation feature like an action microphone. These things are best for moving around and recording sounds. Some crews use a separate audio recorder, which is also a great option. The quality of audio through such recorders have the best quality you could get. Action microphones are superior to normal microphones, and then action microphones with separate recorders are even superior.

So, the difference lies in the quality of the recording. When recording audio with a normal microphone, you would get a lot of background noises. Wind and several other factors cause these problems. So, an action camera microphone exists to solve this problem. It has such an amazing noise cancellation feature which doesn’t allow any external sounds to interfere. You are free to record and shoot action scenes anywhere because these microphones eliminate the problem of noise interference.

Best Action Camera Microphones

So, the question arises of which are the best action mics available in the world. So, below are some suggestions for the best microphones in the world:

Rode Wireless Go II

When talking about audio recording devices, we cannot complete it without the Rode. It is one of the best audio device manufacturers in the world. Rode products are superior to any of its competition, and this is the reason it’s on the top. Rode Wireless Go II is not just a mic, it’s a beast. A beast that records quality audio no matter the situation.

There are two versions of this device, and it can have single or two transmitters. The transmitter connects with the dress of the person and records audio at a really high quality. The range of this wireless beast is 200 meters, so consider it the best recorder; you can also control it from a mobile app. The receiver also has a screen that provides different stats.

Synco G2

Let this mic sync in; the quality of the microphone and price are what make it stand out. Synco G2 is way more affordable than any other action camera microphone in the world. The company is famous for manufacturing products that are users friendly. The cost of their products is often very affordable, which makes them the best choice for users. However, if you have a good budget, you can do better than this.

Synco G2 works as any other wireless recorder; however, the problem is the lack of onboard recording. The latest microphone record audio; if the voice does not get through the onboard recording, it still has the sounds left. However, this feature is not available in Synco G2, which increases the risk of losing audio. So, if you have a budget, consider a mic with onboard recording.


When you talk about class, DJI Mic is that class. DJI microphone is one of the most expensive microphones in the world. However, the microphone also delivers what it costs. It is one of the sleekest action microphones you will find out there. It is made with class, and you won’t feel it on your body during action scenes.

DJI is expensive, and therefore it has quality. The microphone has 15-hour battery life which is commendable for any microphone. The microphone has an onboard recording system, so if the sound doesn’t get through, don’t worry; it’s safe in the mic. It has the best noise cancelation features, which allow you to record in the wind.

How To Purchase Action Camera Microphones?

So, the above list gives you an idea about some of the best microphones in the world. These are all special microphones to record action scenes. You can select the best for yourself from the list above. Below you will find the places where you can purchase these microphones:


Amazon trustable partner for any online buyer. People trust Amazon, and the website doesn’t do its best to keep that trust. Amazon has some of the best products in the world. So, if you are visiting amazon to purchase an action camera microphone, you will get a lot of options. On the website, you will be able to see all the amazing features of these devices. So, compare them and then purchase one for your project.

Amazon has different types of stores on its website, so if you are purchasing expensive items. Buy these items from trustable stores, check their reviews and after satisfaction, order your product. The best thing about Amazon is that it allows you to return products in 30 days. So, if your product is not working, or it was not up to the expectation, just return it to the company.

Official Website

You can purchase any action camera microphone from the official website of its manufacturer. So, if you want to buy Rode Wireless Go II, you can visit its official website. You can place an order and get the microphone at your doorstep. However, these websites take a long time to deliver, and often, you don’t get a money-back guarantee. However, one thing which is inevitable is the quality of the product.

Local Stores

You can visit any local store to purchase the action camera microphone. Some small stores don’t have high-quality mics, so if you want the best mic, then visit some big stores. Specific brand stores are also present, and you can visit these to check out their products. Compare different products to select the best one.

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