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Please review these Terms of Service carefully before using the Services provided by TECNO MOBILE LIMITED and its worldwide subsidiaries and partners (collectively, “TECNO” and “we” and “us”) (in the future referred to as “this Agreement”). Use of the TECNO Software, Services, and all features and functions in it, as well as any other websites or online offerings related to that, whether accessed by computer, mobile device, or any other technology, manner, or means, is subject to the terms and conditions outlined in this legal Agreement between you and TECNO. Before using your TECNO device or downloading a Software mentioned in this Agreement, please read carefully and fully understand the terms and conditions herein, especially the Disclaimers, Restriction of Outstanding debt, Privacy Policy, Usage Regulations, Beneficial Law, Settlement Of disputes, and other sections.

TECNO Software or Service

The TECNO Software and Service are just not made for or aimed at kids younger than 14 years old. If you are younger than 14, you can’t use the TECNO Technology or Service or give TECNO any information that could use to find out who you are. If you are 14 or older, though, under 18 (or under the minimum age of majority in the place you are using TECNO Software and Service), you are viewed as “Small.” You believe that both you and your guardian or guardian of a child have read this Agreement with you and that you and your responsible adult or legal representative understand and accept it.

Permitted License Uses

You are granted by TECNO a semi, – anti, personal, temporary, limited new licence to access and benefit from this Technology and Service, provided that you comply with the terms and restrictions outlined in this Agreement. You are permitted to use the Software and Service on a TECNO device for personal, non-business reasons, including installing it, using it, displaying it, and running it.

Usage Rules of This Software and Service

When using a TECNO device, you agree to the rights and responsibilities outlined in this Agreement.

TECNO may release many software updates for the same device. It’s important to select the right Software before downloading and installing it carefully.

TECNO may suggest other software installations during the installation of this Software to provide you with higher quality and more secure services. Using them is optional.

You acknowledge that TECNO may temporarily or permanently discontinue the Software and Service in Agreement with our business development goals or as ordered by legal, financial, or regulation.

You are not allowed to use or commercially export or re-export TECNO Software and Service unless doing so is specifically authorized by the provisions of this act and you have the written Agreement of TECNO.

Updates of this agreements

We reserve the right to continuously update this Software and the related Services to improve our ability to offer you the applicable service and keep the Software’s security. Your specific requirements will guide your decision to update the new version. Software may automatically upgrade and update to provide you with the best possible service from your TECNO device and ensure compliance with all applicable regulations. You’ll find the option to activate this feature in the program’s configuration menu. In the event of such updates, we will notify you in a timely fashion (through system alerts, site messages, announcements, update notifications from the relevant app stores, etc.) and be given the option to accept or decline the update. The quality of your experience may increase after updating to the most recent version. You acknowledge that it may compromise the Software’s security, usability, and stability if you choose not to accept the upgraded version given by TECNO. If you don’t keep your Software up-to-date, you can find that some of its features are disabled or otherwise inaccessible.

Entire Agreements

This Agreement is the only contract you and TECNO have regarding how you can use the Software. It replaces any other agreements you and TECNO have made about how you can use the Software. You may also have to agree to more terms and conditions if you use or buy easily accessible Software, third-party content, and other TECNO services.

Intellectual property

This site and its affiliates own all rights, titles, and interests in and to the service, including all content, features, and functionality created through or utilized by the service.


We can stop giving you access to our service anytime, without warning or responsibility, and for any reason, including, but not limited to, if you break the Terms.

All parts of the Terms that, by their nature, should last after the end of the contract do. Who includes, but is not limited to, ownership rules, warranty disclaimers, insurance policy rules, and claim limits.


If you decide to use the service, you do so at your own risk. The service is offered with no warranties or guarantees and the understanding that it will function in its current state. The service is provided “as is” and without explicit or implied warranties, like but not limited to the condition of the goods, performance for a specific purpose, non-infringement, or quality of performance.

Governing Laws

This Agreement will be carried out, understood, changed, and will settle any problems according to the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China. Except for the parts that deal with conflicts of law. You agree that with sign in this Agreement Hong Kong.


We reserve the right to change or remove these Terms at any time, for any reason. If a change is important, we will try to let you know at least 30 days before the new terms take effect. What counts as a “material change” will be up to us alone.

If you keep using or accessing our service after the changes go into effect, you accept that the new terms bind you. Please avoid using the service if you don’t agree with the new rules.

If you have any questions about these Terms, please get in touch with us.